GusGravelPit Large

Dig Dirt

In a classic Southern Maine town that’s full of personality (and perpetually 10 years behind the rest of the country) three siblings must navigate their strained relationships to save the family’s fledgling excavation business and reputation in the wake of their fathers unexpected passing, but Wayne Dugger (of the town’s only other competing excavation company) wants to move his out-of-towner self and rapidly progressive business practices into the vacancy left by Dad’s absence.

Comedy, Scripted Series. 

USPS_7 Large

Post man

A Vietnam war veteran and lifelong postal worker maintains his sobriety and copes with his wife’s Covid-related passing by delivering mail around the clock in an isolated society.  He ultimately overcomes his grief by redefining his relationship with technology and his sense of patriotism as he encounters new people of all walks of life to understand that the things that. unite us as citizens far outweigh the things that divide us.

Drama, Short Film


There are so many DIY shows, but what about a “why” show? In a world that’s becoming rapidly more instantaneous, we are risking losing a connection with our innate creativity. Follow host Lizzy Bean, of Stitch People and The Waterford Puzzle Company, as she and her crew travel the world to find the most skilled artisans to learn a little about how they do what they do but more importantly, why it’s vital to preserve hand-making traditions.

Unscripted Series